The Falcon Hex Pins are an innovative fastener providing significantly greater pullout resistance than typical straight pins or staples. Available in configurations specialized for different soil types, the Falcon Hex Pins improve pullout performance in soft or sandy soils, compact, cohesive soils, and even hard, rocky soils. This allows for better tie down of seams, simple simulated check trench construction and replacement of more costly hardware in some instances. The Falcon Hex Pins are installed using a hand drill with a standard 1.5" Hex socket, no specialized equipment in necessary. Installing the fasteners is quick and easy. Galvanized for long life, and more durable than hand driven fasteners, Falcon Hex Pins are more reliable and provide greater confidence in blanket or TRM tie down.

Falcon Hex Pins come in three variants, each with two configurations. The HS-8 and HS-12 are designed for loose soils, think S for soft, sandy, or silty soils. The HC-8 and HC-12 are optimized for compact, cohesive and heavy clay soils. The HR-8 and HR-12 are utilized in hard, rocky soils. All three variants are available in 8 inch or 12 inch lengths.

Falcon Hex Pin Variant specs table

Falcon Hex Pins can be used in conjunction with just about any RECP, however, they are ideally suited to TRM tie-down. The large-diameter head gives ample catch without the need for additional washers. In comparison to other fasteners, Falcon Hex Pins provide up to ten times the pullout resistance of other fasteners. Typically, a minimum of 25-50 pounds of pullout resistance is required for a TRM installation. In soil soils, staples or straight pins may only provide 10-15. Falcon Hex Pins make these projects viable with greater than sufficient pullout in poor soils.

Falcon Hex Pin HS
HS Coil: Soft, Sandy Soils
Falcon Hex Pin HC
HC Coil: Compact, Clay Soils
Falcon Hex Pin HR
HR Coil: Hard, Rocky Soils

Additionally, Falcon Hex Pins are galvanized to extend the life of the fasteners when in place. This can significantly increase the performance of any TRM system, especially in conditions where vegetation is slow to establish.

Falcon Hex pins install using a cordless hand drill with custom tool or a standard 1.5" hex socket. They do not require specialized chucks for installation. Considering placement, hammer effort, and breakage, the Falcon Hex pins are more convenient and efficient to install.

Falcon Hex Pin Installation Drawing 1
Falcon Hex Pin Installation Drawing 2
Falcon Hex Pin Installation Drawing 3
Falcon Hex Pin Installation Drawing 4
Falcon Hex Pins photos

Configuration Options

Falcon Hex Pins photos

Pullout Resistance

Falcon Hex Pins photos

Compatible with All TRMs

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