Western Excelsior Erosion and Sediment Control Products

Western Excelsior manufactures a full line of erosion and sediment control products including short term, extended term, long term and permanent Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). Additionally, we provide sediment control fiber rolls, and a full line of installation fasteners and tools. Western Excelsior's Excel line of short term, extended and long term ECBs and sediment control products provide performance and longevity to meet a variety of needs. Western Excelsior's PP5 line of permanent RECPs provides outstanding value, longevity and performance in turf reinforcement (Turf Reinforcement Mats). Every product is produced under Western Excelsior's Quality Assurance Program and is rigorously tested to ensure performance.

Erosion Control Blankets: Straw - Straw/Coconut - Coconut

Western Excelsior Erosion Control Products

Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs) are produced in a variety of configurations to meet the requirements of any project. Ranging from three month to thirty-six months in longevity, ECBs are ideal for protecting slopes from rainfall/rainsplash and lining channels. ECBs provide mechanical structure for durability and aids in the establishment of vegetation. Western Excelsior produces and provides a complete line of ECBs including enhanced ECBs and coir fabric.


Turf Reinforcement Mats: PP5-8 - PP5-10 - PP5-12 - PP5-Pro - PP5-Xtreme - Xtreme Armor System

Western Excelsior Turf Reinforcement Products

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) are permanent Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). TRMs provide immediate erosion control, aid in vegetation establishment and provide long term systemic reinforcement to the established turf. Western Excelsior produces a series of TRMs to efficiently deploy on any project.


Sediment Control: Straw Logs/Wattles - Coir Logs

Western Excelsior Sediment Control Products

Sediment control is a vital best management practice that provides filtration of sediment laden flow and energy dissipation. Western Excelsior produces high quality straw matrix logs/wattles in a variety of diameters and lengths. Additionally, Western Excelsior provides coir logs for longer-lasting utility.


Falcon Anchor System: Percussion Driven Anchors, Hex Pins

Western Excelsior Falcon Anchor System Percussion Driven Anchors and Hex Pins

Falcon Anchor systems offer the best in high-performance ground securing options for rolled erosion control products. Falcon Hex Pins offer pull-out performance 10x that of traditional fasteners, or for more engineered systems, the Falcon Anchors provide deep-seated securing.


Biodegradable Sediment Control - WattleFence

Western Excelsior Wattlefence Biodegradable Sediment Control

An all-natural sediment control solution, WattleFence combines the best features of natural fibered sediment retention fiber rolls and silt fence, into a unique solution.


Erosion Control Blanket Installer - UnReel Installer

Western Excelsior UnReel ECB Installer

UnReel Installer can offer a fast and safe method to install erosion control blankets up to twice as fast as tradition hand-rolling installation methods.


Hardware - Staples - Stakes - Anchors

Western Excelsior Hardware Products

Western Excelsior also offers a wide range of stakes, staples, pins, and biodegradable stakes for the installation of Rolled Erosion Control Products.

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