Western Excelsior is the exclusive partner of Gripple®, providing securing hardware for Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs), High Performance TRMS (HPTRMs) and high strength anchors. Gripple® is renowned for providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for erosion control and soil stabilization applications. The Terra-Lock® System is designed to provide immediate stabilization, requires no crimping and is accompanied by a range of installation tools. Supplied in combinations of Terra- Lock® Anchors, Terra-Lock® terminations and cable lengths, kits are pre-assembled and specific to the project requirements and geotechnical conditions, ensuring considerable time and labor savings.

Anchor assemblies consist of four primary components:


    The anchor is the component driven into the soil that develops resistance to pullout. The size, shape and drive depth effect the pullout resistance of the anchor.


    The top termination grips the ground surface and fabric to secure in place. The size of the load bearing cap effects the ability to hold the soil matrix. Openings in the termination aid in the establishment of vegetation, obscuring and protecting the hardware.


    The tendon connects the anchor and the top termination. Constructed of high-strength, corrosion resistant galvanized steel or stainless steel, the tendon is a critical piece for long-term performance. The tendon is typically fixed at the anchor side by crimping.

  • GRIP

    The grip is housed in the top termination and secures the tendon in the top termination. A release mechanism can allow for re-setting the assembly, as required.

Each of these components can be varied to provide performance and economy options.

Anchor Assembly illustration

PDAs are driven into the ground, typically a minimum of three feet. Once the tendon is retracted, approximately three to six inches, the anchor rotates into a load-locked position, developing the pullout resistance for the assembly. When the anchor is rotated, the geometry of the anchor creates friction in the form of a frustrum cone. The anchor can resist pullout to the limit of the friction provided by the soil mass surrounding the assembly.

Animated image of Gripple<sup>®</sup> Maximum load chart and frustrum cone illustration

Anchors are available in three sizes. As the size of the anchor increases, working load and ultimate resistance increase:

Gripple<sup>®</sup> TL-A2 Anchor
  • TL-A2
  • Zinc Die Cast
  • Surface Area: 3in²
Gripple<sup>®</sup> TL-A3 Anchor
  • TL-A3
  • Zinc Die Cast
  • Surface Area: 6in²
Gripple<sup>®</sup> TL-A4 Anchor
  • TL-A4
  • Zinc Die Cast
  • Surface Area: 12in²

Top Terminations are available in three sizes. Durability and working load increase with each upgrade:

Gripple<sup>®</sup> TL-100 Top Termination
  • TL-100
  • Zinc Aluminum
  • Diameter: 4.3"
  • Open Area: 64%
Gripple<sup>®</sup> TL-304 Top Termination
  • TL-304
  • Glass Filled Nylon
  • Diameter: 4.3"
  • Open Area: 26%
Gripple<sup>®</sup> TL-406 Top Termination
  • TL-606
  • Steel/Zinc-Plastisol Coated
  • Diameter: 6.3"
  • Open Area: 64%

Summary of Typical Assemblies. (Alternate configurations available, tendons can be offered in zinc-aluminum or stainless steel.)

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Assembly Code Top Termination Anchor Cable Diameter Max Working Load Ultimate Assembly Strength Comment
TL304-TLA2-3mm TL304 A2 3 mm 990 lbs 1,100 lbs Basic performance anchor
TL100-TLA2-3mm TL100 A2 3 mm 990 lbs 1,100 lbs Standard utility anchor
TL100-TLA3-3mm TL100 A3 3 mm 990 lbs 1,100 lbs Standard utility anchor, improved soft soil performance
TL606-TLA3-4mm TL606 A3 4 mm 1,530 lbs 1,700 lbs Basic high-performance assembly
TL606-TLA4-6mm TL606 A4 6 mm 2,520 lbs 2,800 lbs Highest performance assembly
Gripple<sup>®</sup> Percussion Driven Anchors photos

Max Loading (lb)

Gripple<sup>®</sup> Percussion Driven Anchors photos


Gripple<sup>®</sup> Percussion Driven Anchors photos

Max Depth (ft)

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