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Sales Contacts

The map below illustrates our Regional Sales Contacts for Western Excelsior Erosion Control and Sediment Control products. Please contact the representative in your region for sales information.

Sales contacts map for Western Excelsior Rocky Mountain Aspen wood products: excelsior, Rocky Mountain Aspen, aspen, wood products, wood excelsior
Alex Abbott
VP Marketing & Sales
Cell: (317) 306-9576
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Shannon Leech
Central Sales Manager
Cell: (817) 532-8048
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Kory Kammeier
Western Sales Manager
Cell: (602) 524-0897
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Rob Lawson
Northeast Regional Sales
Cell: (804) 901-3412
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Justin Williamson
Southeast Regional Sales
Cell: (630) 220-5557
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Alfredo M. Brugueras
Latin America Sales Manager
Cell: (787) 645-2750
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