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Western Excelsior Hardware Products

Western Excelsior provides fasteners and fastening systems for proper installation of Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs). RECPs are typically secured with steel staples. The standard staple is six inches long, eleven gage wire with a one inch crown. Staples may be purchased in boxes of individual staples or in cartridges for automated application. Biodegradable stakes offered by Western Excelsior may be substituted at the same staple rate. Specialty fasteners are available for challenging soil conditions.

To facilitate efficient installation, Western Excelsior also provides staple and stake applicators that are either manual or automatic. Western Excelsior staple guns and stake pushers significantly increase the installation efficiency of RECPs.

Examples of Western Excelsior Hardware Products

Hardware Products
Product Description Best Use Compare
(Up to 3)
Steel Staples Typically Used Fasteners Everyday Use
Round Top Pins Typically Used Fasteners Everyday Use
Pins with Washers Typically Used Fasteners Everyday Use
Biodegradable Stakes Used to Create Completely Degradable Installation Environmentally Sensitive Installations
Stake Pusher Biodegradable Installation Tool Ergonomic Installation Aid  
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