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"A nation that destroys its soils,
destroys itself."
— U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1937
Environmental Benefits of Erosion Control

image of erosionBillions of dollars are spent each year to manage the effects of erosion. Slopes are washed away by storm water runoff, channels are filled with sediment, shorelines can be altered forever and topsoil can be lost to harvests. Additionally, chemical and biological pollutants attach to soil particles and are deposited into natural waterways in addition to the sediment load. In urban environments, the use of vegetated systems as long term ground cover/protection reduces the runoff acceleration associated with development. As an added benefit, the long term aesthetics and repair costs are typically far less than structural or rigid solutions.

Designers, specifiers and installers can prevent much of this destruction by using the latest developments in erosion control. Western Excelsior provides the products and expertise landowners, contractors and government agencies need to protect natural resources from land and soil loss. Western Excelsior solutions save many natural resources, save time and save money.

Accelerated global soil erosion decimates 12 to 15 million acres of land per year, and the costs to society are immeasurable.

Erosion Control Regulation

image of duckIn March, 2003, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency implemented Phase II of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Currently, the regulations apply to virtually all construction activities. Any construction site of one acre or more must comply with the Phase II regulations. NPDES requirements pertain to simple erosion control on slopes, drainage channels, shorelines and the control of sediment.

State and local officials also regulate the control and release of in-situ soil material. Western Excelsior is approved for use in virtually every state and for all types of projects.

Western Excelsior has the expertise to aid in compliance with NPDES and other regulations. Further, Western Excelsior manufactures the products necessary to fulfill the requirements for any erosion problems contractors, designers and specifiers face. Best of all, Western Excelsior solutions are complete and cost effective.

The Excelsior Story - Completing the Life Cycle

image of aspensAspen excelsior is harvested from forest management activities prescribed to reduce forest fire risk. Individual trees are harvested and stored outside to dry. Once the logs are dry, each is de-barked, segmented and shaved to form the Excelsior fiber. Using a potential forest hazard as a resource for re-vegetation provides additional environmental benefit, making Excelsior the most environmentally friendly choice for Erosion Control Blankets. Further, since Excelsior fiber is derived from a seed-fee source, Excelsior ECBs are naturally weed free.

Western Excelsior has been producing aspen excelsior since 1975 and uses only high-altitude rocky mountain aspen to produce excelsior. High-altitude trees are naturally drier and produce a superior fiber with respect to strength, curl, durability and absorbency. Western Excelsior wood fiber is produced in a variety of configurations to facilitate the wide variety of erosion control products needed to meet modern economic and performance challenges. Finally, excelsior fiber production also yields a superior hydraulic mulch material, suitable for re-vegetation efforts and low-gradient slopes.

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